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sony 58 dslr

Sony DSLR DSLR-A390L Reviews

Sony DSLR DSLR-A390L Review
Rating 10
1 Reviews

Great entry level DSLR ...

Sony Alpha DSLR-SLT-A55 Reviews

Sony Alpha DSLR-SLT-A55 Review
Rating 8
1 Reviews

I purchased this camera to transition to a DSLR camera with the ability to fall back on auto settings if I fail to follow through on learning to use manual/semi-manual settings ...

Sony DSLR-A100 Reviews

Sony DSLR-A100 Review
Rating 9.4
3 Reviews

I love this camera ...

Sony A560 Reviews

Sony A560 Review
Rating 9
6 Reviews

The a560 and its big brother the a580 are excellent cameras ...

Sony Alpha DSLR-A300K/N Reviews

Sony Alpha DSLR-A300K/N Review
Rating 9.4
3 Reviews

Let's keep it short and sweet: There is absolutely NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA, ZERO THAT WOULD CLASSIFY THIS CAMERA'S FINISH AS "GOLD!"Anyone buying this model for that feature will be sorely disappointed at this unbelievable ripoff!!!I even crosschecked the serial number to check for a switch - but it IS the "GOLD" model and it IS NOTHING BUT THE PLAIN STANDARD SILVER FINISH!Sony makes a great camera and I'm keeping this camera purely because it IS a super unit ...

Sony Alpha DSLR-A550 Reviews

Sony Alpha DSLR-A550 Review
Rating 9.6
20 Reviews

I can remember sitting in an outdoor cafe in St ...

Sony DSLR-A550 Reviews

Sony DSLR-A550 Review
Rating 10
2 Reviews

This is an excellent product and is very capable, I have been using the Sony Alpha range for years now I with some great results ...

Sony Alpha DSLR-A550L Reviews

Sony Alpha DSLR-A550L Review
Rating 7.8
9 Reviews

As a first, the Sony Alpha a550 is a great starter camera ...

Sony Alpha SLT-A57M Reviews

Sony Alpha SLT-A57M Review
Rating 9.4
32 Reviews

I am coming from a Sony alpha 300, I bought it here on Amazon in 2007, the reason I went with sony again was b/c of their innovative designs and excellent products ...

Sony Alpha SLT-A57 Reviews

Sony Alpha SLT-A57 Review
Rating 9.4
32 Reviews

I purchased this from another retailer before it was available from Amazon ...

Sony Alpha SLT-A37K Reviews

Sony Alpha SLT-A37K Review
Rating 9
4 Reviews

Five years ago I sold my Sony DCS-F717 which was a great camera for an all in one and decided to get a DSLR ...

Sony Alpha SLT-A37M Reviews

Sony Alpha SLT-A37M Review
Rating 9
4 Reviews

Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What's this?) What to say in this review is something that I've had to struggle with a bit ...

Sony Alpha SLT-A57K Reviews

Sony Alpha SLT-A57K Review
Rating 9.4
32 Reviews

I purchased the Sony SLT-A57 about 4 weeks ago ...

Pentax K-5 II Reviews

Pentax K-5 II Review
Rating 10
1 Reviews

I am a proud owner of the Pentax K-5 and very happy with everything about it ...

Pentax K-5 IIs Reviews

Pentax K-5 IIs Review
Rating 10
5 Reviews

I have owned several professional cameras, more recently the Hasselblad H2 with P30 back and the Canon 5DMKII ...

Sony a (alpha) SLT-A65V (A65) - Digital camera - SLR - Reviews

Sony a (alpha) SLT-A65V (A65) - Digital camera - SLR - Review
Rating 10
1 Reviews

This is an extensively revised review, as I have had a chance to spend lots of time with this camera over the last ten weeks and taken roughly 5000 pictures - for sure one of the best electronics purchases I have made in the last 10 years, but I can also see some consistent problems that need addressing in future firmware updates (or that require user adjustments) ...

Sony NEX52LENSBDL Reviews

Sony NEX52LENSBDL Review
Rating 10
3 Reviews

Couldn't pass up this bundle for the price ...

Sony Alpha A700 Reviews

Sony Alpha A700 Review
Rating 9.6
47 Reviews

I shot film for many years ...

Sony A77VM Reviews

Sony A77VM Review
Rating 9
71 Reviews

The Camera Fairy blessed my porch last Friday and handed me an Amazon box which upon opening, disgorged a familiar black and orange Alpha box with my A77 body inside, safely cushioned in bubble-wrap ...

Sony Alpha A900 Reviews

Sony Alpha A900 Review
Rating 8.8
19 Reviews

I purchased the Sony A900 just before the holidays in December 2011 after considerable debate between the Nikon and Canon equivalents ...

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